Company's History


The company ergoDATA Ltd. Was founded on the 4th July as ergoTECH Ltd. The main company’s activity is the distribution of software, hardware and accessories. The company established itself as a specialized trade partner for OKI end devices.

The company’s name was changed in October to ergoDATA Ltd., due to the fact that a firm with the same name already existed.

1992 An impetuous adjustment and specialization of the company was necessary, due to the rapid market changes. As a result of this process the ergoDATA Ltd. develops from a distributor with computer production into a service provider and system house with a main accent on network technique and server.
1993 ergoDATA Ltd. becomes partner of Intel in the area of network solutions and acts as Intel Advanced Network Reseller. The company wins further on Toshiba, NEC and Madge as partners.
1995 The relocation of the company’ headquarters to Schönborn effects, which is nowadays a part of the city Dresden.ergoDATA Ltd. becomes Microsoft Certified Solution Provider that integrates mainly solutions in Microsoft Windows Server environment and is distinguished by innovative ideas, so that its solutions for Subaru Germany Ltd. are published in the Microsoft references database. In the same year ergoDATA becomes partner with ICP-Ambra and NCR-AT&T.
1998 In order to satisfy the need of area-wide services, ergoDATA Ltd. becomes a member and shareholder of the CMCS Computerpartner Ltd.
1999 The partnership with Intel continues with the authorization of ergoDATA as Intel Premier Provider (earlier denotation “Intel Authorised Solution Provider – IASP”). This partnership and cooperation was sustained until 2007, when the Premier Provider Programm was changed into Channel Premier Programm, so from knowledge oriented into sales volume oriented programm contents.
2000 ergoDATA Ltd. celebrates its 10th anniversary.
2002 After the drop out of Intel from the development and production of network products, ergoDATA becomes partner of HP’s Procurve Division.
2003 ergoDATA is nominated as HP Elite Partner Networking.
2005 ergoDATA becomes Kaspersky Certified Partner with access to the frame contract conditions (SAKD-public), in order to consolidate the data security of its customers.
2006 In autumn ergoDATA Ltd. becomes nominated to HP Preferred Partner and Networking Specialist.The solution, implemented at Airbus in the Elbe Flugzeugwerke Dresden, is published in the HP Success-Story.
2007 ergoDATA Ltd. becomes Mircosoft Gold Partner with the competences infrastructure and license management.
2008 ergoDATA Ltd. becomes Watchguard Expert Partner and in autumn – HP Preffered Partner Gold.
2009 ergoDATA Ltd. becomes Partner of HP in the business areas PC and server, within the Gold-Preferred-Partner-Programm.
Today ergoDATA Ltd. has a very close connection to the long term partners HP (network technique, PC and server), Intel (Blade, Storage and Kaspersky), Kaspersky (antivirus protection and data security) and Microsoft (Windows operation system and virtualization solutions). Further on partnerships are established with APC, Knürr, open-e, OKI, Servonic and Watchguard.