High availability

When a company is well prepared of a system failure, so is the risk of serious damages minor, when failures of the IT components occur.

An uninterruptable business process is nowadays an important factor for a company’s success. We develop strategies, in order to reduce the possible causes of a system failure.

A bigger danger than the often named viruses and worms are hardware errors, poorly conceived software or human failures. Also such occurrences, as for example power breakdown, fire, theft, sabotage, storms or floods, that could be called “force majeure”, could endanger the computer systems and the data.

We develop tailor-made solutions and realize the following demands:

  • Qualified personnel, that could be reached easily 24/7
  • Availability of spare parts from „Hot-Spare“ up to stock storage
  • Substantial preventive (proactive) maintenance
  • Qualified fault reporting- and communication systems for system monitoring