Server & Virtualization

The deployed servers are rarely used to capacity. Unnecessary resources in the form of independent hosts were allocated in the past, in order to capture peak loads. These wasted space and energy and increased in that way the running costs, as well as the investment costs, not to mention the increased administrative expenditures and a major error rate.

The effectiveness of IT depends significant on two factors:

  • At one hand each company needs a high-capacity infrastructure (see more under Network)
  • On the other hand servers with a high system capacity are needed.

In order to solve these problems, we create individual solutions for you and your business. As many servers as needed could be consolidated to one host with the help of virtual servers upon demand. The advantages, reached through modern server systems are as follows:

  • Off times are being reduced through redundant building groups
  • Better capacity usage of the host and the optimized costs efficiency connected with it (investments costs, operational costs)
  • New servers could be realized extremely fast, if free capacities exist
  • Easy system monitoring through effective management
  • Different operation systems used at the same time allow to use the single advantages of each one of them